Welcome to The PAST, The Pennsylvania Anomalous Society Team. We are a group of professionals from various fields that have collaborated to continue research into anomalous phenomenon. There are many facets when dealing with these anomalies and we strive to investigate the use of each one in our research.

We are not here to just tell you our opinion on a particular location. We are here to present you with the evidence, the associated science behind it, and allow you to draw your own conclusions.

There are more people currently involved in the anomalous  field than ever before. Interest has increased due to the phenomenal appeal of the various TV shows showing different anomalous activity at historic and supposedly "haunted" places around the world.

Unfortunately, the main problem we have seen with the majority of these shows, is that they are geared primarily toward entertainment. They are television programs designed to "thrill" their viewers and they do not properly teach people the basic "how to" required for  in-depth , sustained anomalous research.

Knowledge of the basics is key. Many of today's researchers have been studying for years and have a vast amount of experience in the field and also in the classroom. Yes...classroom. Typically a "group" of established investigators will constantly train the members of their groups in various methods and continually learn new ideas that they are willing share.

We will visit a location more than one time and conduct a ongoing investigation. After each visit we will review the evidence and see if we can establish a historical connection to that evidence. Once we have completed our investigation we will present the historical information we uncover along with any potential evidence to the client and to you.

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